The Weekend is here!

Posted: November 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

Its Friday !

But I guess you all knew that. If you didn’t know it was Friday and you only realise it now, I think the feeling must be simalar to when you wake up on a saturday morning, thinking you overslept because you alarm didn’t go off, only to realise it is Saturday and you don’t have to get up! Aaaaahhhh ….. Sweet pillow ….. how I love thee!
What an awesome feeling…… just feel the wight lifted from your shoulders!

……………… Ah crap I’m late for dance class!!……………….

(Observe carefully young  Texas Skywalker Ranger dude, Lesson # 3342 this latest realization will create the opposite feeling as was felt in the afore mentioned example. You will also notice that this realization has a profound effect on the speed at which one can shower, get dressed and brush teeth. Nature is amazing)

Enjoy my friends!! God is Awesome and he loves YOU!    whos-awesome


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