Sing in the Shower?

Posted: November 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

Who sings in the shower?

Everybody always makes that joke when you talk about singing.
“Oh I only sing in the shower!”  haha everybody gives a really fake giggle that takes a lot of effort!

Singing in the shower is not practical for a few reasons:

– There is all the water, hot water.
– Then there is the soap and Shampoo.
– Most of all I just think the acoustics suck.

All this adds up to what I would call a , gargling, coughing, bubbly, screeching semi-echoing cacophony.
So unless you are singing the theme song to a 1950’s Horror / Soapie about the killer black plague, please don’t sing in the shower!

Space alien Ninja greetings!
The Fritz


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