Weekend Round up!

Posted: November 23, 2009 in Weekend Highlights

What a weekend!

I went to Cape Town this weekend for work, and every time I go there I love it more! Its just a beautiful place with so much to do.
Had a bit of Drama with the flight down, but in the end I landed up in SAA Business class, with my Kulula ticket! Now thats a bargain!
We watched the Rugby at Simon’s Town, at a great little Pub! Rugby one side, ocean other side.
Then drove to Blouberg where we stayed Saturday night in lovely B&B.
Got up 05h30 to go work, which is not the greatest, but that view from Blouberg is still just awesome!
Later visited a friend in Cape Town I use to work with, and then back to JHB.

I must say it was a good weekend, awesome. The sights the sounds and the people!
I must also say that through the whole weekend, I was constantly thinking of life and of God and about living and being in Christ! Once again I just got so aware of the fact that being a “Christian” is crap, but walking with God, doing whatever you do with God there (because He is always there), just being aware that The earth is filled with His Glory is the way to go. Christian became such a terrible label.
God is not bound to church or to any labels. He is everywhere, and you can see and hear and proclaim God’s glory everywhere and anywhere by simply being who you are and doing what you do!
Going to church does not make you a Christian, nor does not going make you any less a christain. I didn’t touch my bible this weekend, I didn’t set foot near a church, but I had the most awesome time of worship this weekend, just by being me, and just being aware that God is there anyway!
In him we live and move and have our being! Acts 17:28


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