Spot the Irony

Posted: November 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

Have you seen the show Top Travel on SABC 3? I really don’t like it because they show all these exotic wonderful places that probably only 10% of the world population will ever be able to travel to, if that much.

But I saw a bit last week, I think they were in Peru, and some local people were showing them little stones and gems or something, traditional stuff. (Wish I paid attention to what exactly, but you will get my point).The presenter then said something along the lines of its the simple, small things in life that make life worth it.
Now I absolutely agree with that, but do you spot the irony.
A Travel show, that shows us places that will cost you ten’s of thousands of rands to get to………but its the simple things in life that matter.

I just thought it was very ironic. Especially when you see some statistics.
Did you know in 2005, 80% of humanity live on less than $10 a day!
Almost half the the world live on less that $2.50 a day!
If you don’t believe me click here, I didn’t just thumb suck this.

So lets pack our bags, book our flights and fly halfway around the world, so we can go enjoy the simple things in life!

  1. Coenraad says:

    How funny is it, that for the second time in 2 week, we post about the same topic on the same day?

    I think we, as the privileged few in the world, forget how easy it is to live in super luxury, and then still claim that the little things, simple things, are the essence of life.

    We must be able to enjoy the small things in our everyday life, and not just when we travel to another country/place, and then we see the simple things in the poor people of the area’s life.

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