The Fat man in the Red Suit!

Posted: November 26, 2009 in General

Was listening to the radio this morning, and people could phone in randomly about whats on their mind.
This lady who phoned, said she was very upset because some kids a her Daughters school was telling everyone Santa Clause does not exist.

Now obviously her daughter came and asked her is it true, and she said yes it is, he does not exist. And then off course her daughter was very sad about this and said “Well whats the point of Christmas then?”

HOW SAD IS THAT!! That this poor kid thinks that is what Christmas is about. A Fat man in a red suite!
The mom defends this position by saying that kids need some magic and mystery in life. But how sad is it that kids find some joy in the stories, but eventually they will find out its a load of crap! What good can that do?

I want to say rather tell kids what its really about, but then again a lot of parents don’t even know or believe that its really about celebrating Jesus birth, so there is no point. Rather it just made me think, we are so privileged to know the truth. A Truth that will never disappoint you. So rather tell me about the Good Man with the RED blood!
I must also say , I am very thankful that my parents never made me believe in Santa. I knew about Santa Clause, but always knew the truth, and always knew the awesome gifts I got under the tree was from my parents, and the best gift was always Jesus Christ!

Thank Jesus! We just celebrate your birth! You are awesome!

P.S. I honestly cannot believe that people make children believe Santa is real, even if you don’t believe in  Jesus. How sad!

  1. Coenraad says:

    amen to that.

    I have a huge issue with what Christmas has become in the world.

    Came upon the the other day, and I really think this is great that someone has decided that enough is enough.

  2. Erhaldo says:


    I fully agree with you! I do not know about you, but some part lingers and feeds on fun and mistery.

    Think best part of the whole game is finding out yourself that santa and the tooth fairy is a fake.

    Telling your parrants that they should not believe in such rubbish (:

    I can remember the exitement of recieving some money for a teeth that went loose, or recieving a long awaited present for no apparent reason.

    At the end I guess that Christmas and Tooth Fairy stories have both a message of heaven, but also the danger of that being a lie.

    Parants are there to prepare our hearts, to one day choose life. They are there to instill wisdom.

    The input I received from my parents, helps me make the right decisions.

    When the time was ripe I made the choice,to accept the Jesus Christ as the messiah!

    I must admid that when I now look at Christmas with understanding, I see little resemblance between it and Jesus, except for the fact that He gave the ultimate present and that it is a gift of grace.

    Thanks Fritz for shraring this. Think I now have a better idea on how I will share the Christmas theme with my kids.

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