Ladies please help me!

Posted: November 27, 2009 in General

Ok, I just came to a very schocking realisation!
My eye brows are terrible! Look at it! I think I must start combing it or maybe use some gel or something.
I always got the sense that nobody looks me in the eye when they talk to me, now I know why! They can’t stop staring at the forest I got growing just above my eyes!!

Ladies, please help me!!!  I’ll bring the weed eater…..or maybe rather a chain saw!!  I’m going to go cry now!…………….. Oh look a bunny!!

  1. Martin says:

    Girls love cleaning up guys. Girls also love puppies. You do the math.

  2. In other words get a Girl Puppy!

    • Marleen says:

      Can’t help with the girl puppy :-), but can offer assistance with a brow wax – it usually distinguishes the men from the boys!!!

  3. Coenraad says:

    DUDE!!! You are SUCH a metro man. now just for the ManBag, then you have it waxed. (excuse the pun)

    Wait, I do all of this, OOPS!!!

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