Weekend round-up

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Weekend Highlights

Monday is here, the weekend is gone!
Friday evening we got together (a few friends) at Martin’s (Thanks Martin) to watch Hot Rod!! Very funny, if you are into that type of comedy! Then It started raining and I was on my motor bike, so it was a very wet and cold ride home!

Saturday flew to PE! Not a very comfortably flight. Sat between two total strangers. One a Chinese guy who didn’t seem to think it is rude to burp constantly in public….. on a plane…….Its a confined space…….gosh!!! Nobody has any manners lately!
Arrived in PE, had lunch, worked for couple hours, watched the rugby , got some dinner at the Rock Cafe, and off to bed!

Sunday morning up at 5am, worked at bit, got sunburned but didn’t realize till its was to late! (It was cloudy and a cold wind was blowing OK! Get off my case!)
Got some lunch at a very cool place in Sea View called Barnacles! Awesome Location and very nice little restaurant.

After plenty of disappointment with all my teams (Bokke, Proteas and Arsenal) I got home at around 10pm and hit the pillows hard!

Other News:
– Tiger Woods Crashed his car into fire hydrant and a tree… ……. Guess his drive really isn’t that good!
– Dubai is goint bankrupt……..will comment more on this later, I know why!
– Susan Boyle sells a mountain of CD’s , just goes to show you don’t have to move and look like Madonna or Britney, and  really don’t need to dance around half naked……..please Susan none of that!
– And biggest News, I’m having a f reeking delicious Cheese Croissant and coffee right now!

Have a good week!


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