Do I qualify??

Posted: December 1, 2009 in General

Do I qualify?

I often hear people say they want to start going to church again, but they want to first sort out their lives, get things in order. It’s like you have to reach a certain level of “goodness’ or read a certain amount of bible, or cut the sin down to an acceptable level! Why do people feel like that?
An even better question will be WHO made them feel like that? Because that’s surely not how Jesus wanted to make people feel.

Should the church not be a community of people where the sinner should feel totally welcome? People who feel they are far away from God must feel as though this is the very place they must go to get the support and encouragement for turning their lives back to God. Like when Jesus told Zacchaeus to get out of the tree, because He wants to stay with him that night. (Luke 19)

It is a real shame that people feel that way.

Romans 8 say it so well:
verse 6: While we were yet in weakness, Christ died for the ungodly!
Verse 8: While we were still sinners Christ died for us!
Verse 10: While we were still enemies we were reconciled!

So in other words there is nothing that you can do to make you worthy of going to church again, or turning to God again. The price was already paid. So if you feel like that today, then JUST DO IT! Just Go to church if you want to, just start praying, just know that Through Jesus you are already made righteous!
God is waiting with open arms!

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