Book review

Posted: December 2, 2009 in Books

Book review.  

I am reading a very interesting book, called Beyond the Limits: Lessons learned from a lifetime’s adventures by Ranulph Fiennes.
He is a British adventurer, and has plenty records for some of the most extreme adventures. Some of it sounds really crazy! He was first person to visit both North and South Poles by surface means, and first man to completely cross Antarctica on foot and unsupported, had to drag everything he needed on a sledge which weight over 200kg when he started.

The amazing thing is he was not a rich business man like the Richard Branson type guy, he literally had nothing, and through convincing people to sponsor stuff he did it. It was called Transglobe and this trip for instance needed some £29 000 000, yes its not a typing mistake, its 29 million…..and its pounds!
This is a very good read, and he also points out what he has learned though all his adventures, stuff you can really also use every day at work, and socially.

I really don’t do any justice to it through my writing, so rather read it for yourself. It really is inspiring!


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