Who am I going to be?

Posted: December 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

I want to carry on, from something I thought of while writing a previous post “Do I Qualify?”

I mentioned about Zacchaeus in the previous post, the short bloke in the tree! Chief Tax collection SARS official! Hmmm… not the kind of guy we really would like.
This made me think of how I make people feel, and how does the church make people feel, especially people who may not know Jesus yet, or know him but have sort of veered of the track, became the lost sheep, prodigal son.
Jesus told this Zacchaeus dude to get down He’s coming for dinner! Crack open the wine, fire up the grill, were having us a real Shindig tonight hieee haaa!…..oohh maybe even a BRAAI! (Hmmmmm…. Now I’n hungry)

What do we often say to someone who is still searching for the truth (Jesus)?
– Hey come to church!
– Hey turn or Burn buddy! Whooooo, it’s hot down there!
– Join the home cell, because apparently that’s the answer to everything, life, love and everything else!

This could work I’m not saying its wrong or anything. But why not rather just become that person’s friend, a REAL friend!

I want to be that person, who makes even the worst sinner feel welcome around me and not make them feel judged! Is that not what Jesus did? Jesus took a lot of criticism from the religious leader of the day because that’s exactly what He did. He partied with the sinners, the drunks, the prostitutes, the thieves, robbers, corrupt government officials!
Matt 11:19, Mark 12:16, Luke 5:30; Luke 7:34– Go check it out.

So my point today is this………..LETS GO PARTY LIKE JESUS DID!

  1. Coenraad says:

    Amen brother. We must stop being so self-righteous, en start reaching out to the people in the world.

    “we are in the world, but not of this world”

    That statement doesn’t mean we must not be part of the world. We can not live alone, secluded, and in our Christian communities alone…

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