Posted: December 8, 2009 in General

Have you read Ecclesiastes?
I used a few verses in another post Friday Message. I have read it, and read it again. I can get a lot out of this book, but am also dumb struck by some of it. Lets start with Ecclesiastes 1 – Go read it if yourself, then lets hear the comments.

Smoke, Its all smoke! Thats what this dude starts with. Smoke! Or the Amplified talks of vapors. Why do we go through all these hassles, all this working en working.

When I read this chapter  I almost get a bit depressed and think well, Its all useless so why bother with anything? However what I do think this eventually comes to is what is the aim of what you are doing. Are you working just for the sake of getting more and more for yourself? More money, more prestige, more status is life, more property. the list goes on, because in the end all that stuff doesn’t mean anything. Gods not interested in how much money you made, how much you owned, or what your social status was in the community.

SO this is my conclusion…. not final….but for now.
We must work, obviously, to live, but enjoy it! Have fun with what you do. Then also go out en enjoy life, and this includes your family and friends! I made the choice about 3 years ago, moved to a totally different career, with lower salary, but in the end I am much happier! It still sucks sometimes, not having the money to do certain things, but in the end, it is still worth it.

The journey continues………


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