Busy Busy!

Posted: December 10, 2009 in General

I’m going on holiday! Yeah!

Its my last day at work today and from tomorrow on leave for a week. It is however pretty hectic. You know when certain things must be finished, and arrangements must be made for the thing you would have had to do if you were in the office. Well yeah, its one of those days. So far so good though. Grinding through it all. Soon it will all be forgotten in a sea of…….well in the sea…. or I can say in a sea of salt water! Or maybe not since the sea is salt water, and no other water mass is salt but the sea, except the Dead sea…… why is that called a sea? Because its salt? So if I drink a glass of Salt water, is that a glass of sea?

Oh gosh the mother ship is calling!

Time for my new downloads…..human interface version 3.4 XP-Gold edition! I’m very excited!

See ya later crocodile…….uhmmm…. thats not right….. in a while alligator….. Why does this not work!!!!
Well I gonna make like a banana and leave!!  – Yeah at least I got this one right!

  1. Martin says:

    Not jealous at all! Nope! Not even a little bit…… %$&#!!!

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