It wasn’t us………. Promise!

Posted: December 21, 2009 in General

So who of you remember Mina Moo?
Do you remember Bak & Terie, the two bad guys from Mona Moo?

Well, during the camp last week Frans and I were affectionately referred to as Bak & Terie by our dear friend who shall remain nameless, (BERNICE). We don’t want anonymous (BERNICE) to feel like we are picking on her? So no names will be mentioned (BERNICE)
Why do you think we got those names?
Let me point out a couple things to support our case from the picture above.
– If you look at the picture above thats not the faces of two naughty okes is it?
– Those smiles are genuine! No fake “i just put an egg in your coffee” smile there?

For future reference, Bernice is now also known as MINA!

You just got to love life!!!

  1. Angela says:

    I agree with the anonymous person! She was 100% correct.
    Who is Bak and who is Terry by the way?

  2. I think Frans was Bak, and I was Terie!

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