Sea Camp!

Posted: December 21, 2009 in General
For those who do not know I went away for a few days. I was at Pennington beach, on a camp called “God’s Property Sea Camp”. I really don’t want to call it a church camp, because that just brings up to many preconceived ideas about it. This was just a group of really amazing people, that really love God and really love Jesus.
So as I mentioned before in one of my own quotes. click here to see it.
I really did change…… again….. at this camp! God is just so amazing, and as much as I thought I have changed plenty times and probably enough in my life……. I can not but change AGAIN! Change my thoughts, my perceptions of  life, perceptions of others and myself. The slogan they have on there T-Shirt reads: “God’s property is like a taxi….always room for one more.” And it is so true they just sucked me in and made me feel welcome even though I didn’t know any of them…. Except 2 people, it didn’t take long to feel like I have known them forever!
A couple verses come to mind,
1 Peter 4:8 Have INTENSE LOVE for eachother!
1 John 3:18 -19: Love each other in deed, an through love we know we are in the truth!
Thats one thing about this camp that stood out. Everyone was so REAL! Living in truth, and that was the one reason why I think it was so great. Another Verse spring to mind here. John 3:19-21. Jesus tells us that the light came to the world, But wrongdoers hate the light, if you are in the light all your works are seen and you cannot hide stuff!  We are in the light when we are REAL, practicing truth, and people can see that our works are wrought with GOD! I love that word, Wrought!!
That’s what really living for Jesus means. Being REAL, making anyone welcome, and embracing every person, every personality, every ability, every skill or lack there of!
Everyone from God’s property Sea Camp, you are freaking awesome!!  I Love you all!

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