No Mirrors!

Posted: December 22, 2009 in General

Have you ever thought what it would be like without having any mirrors? During my break away last week, we stayed in a chalet with hardly any mirrors, and the ones that were there were in obscure places or positions. And I really didn’t bother to look in the mirrors much and I didn’t care. And guess what? It was GREAT! It is so freeing, not to worry about you appearance.  I just got up got dressed and off I went. Who cares if I look like a wet angora rabbit, rolling around in the mud eating raspberry pie with my face? I didn’t know if I looked bad, so I didn’t care! I just had fun and enjoyed the company of the other people. I could just be me, without worrying what I looked like!
Want to know something else, I don’t think anyone else really cared what I looked like, and neither did I care what anyone else looked like. It didn’t matter, it was about the person not the clothes! The clothes definitely DO NOT make the man. Life is so much more then what you wear!
Matt 6:25.

I want to live like that every day. I’m not saying become a slob, but just living and not worrying about all these temporary, vain things in this world. About clothes and all the accessories we love so much. It does not make you who you are.

Here is a challenge, try go without a mirror for a while. It is very liberating. You can then rely on your personality and not your looks to show who you are!

Praise God for He is Good!

  1. Schalk Albertyn says:

    Dis so waar Fritz, mens word so vasgevang in al die aardse dinge… Dankie vir die cool boodskap!

    Bless jou!

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