I need this!

Posted: January 5, 2010 in Things you MUST have

I love Chinese food, but I struggle with those stupid little little chop sticks, Honestly who eats with sticks in the 21st century? We should actually have little light saber eating utensils by now!
And don’t dare use a fork for you will be consumed alive with the eternal condemning fire of judgement that rage in you fellow Chinese food connoisseur eyes! The Question, How can you defile the the pleasure of Chinese cuisine with such barbaric utensil as a fork? just echos in your ears as you make eye contact with another restaurant patron! For goodness sake, how can I enjoy the meal if half of it ends up on my lap and by the time I have managed to get 2 bites in my mouth its already cold!

Luckily I have found the solution, and I joyously share it with you! Salvation is here!

  1. Angela says:

    Love it! Where do we buy them?

  2. jlombaard says:

    The light sabre chopsticks are already available 😉 http://www.tokyomango.com/tokyo_mango/2009/08/light-saber-chopsticks.html — Johan

  3. TheFritz says:

    Oh no, I’m already behind in my Starwars merchandise again! Where are the Light Sabre Chopsticks?

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