Weekend round up

Posted: January 11, 2010 in Weekend Highlights

I hope you all had a good busy and fun weekend like I did!

– Friday; Just easy evening watching a DVD and eating some pizza!

– Saturday; Got things going with loveley cup of coffee, then did some outsdoor “gym” but guess you don’t really call that Gym since its not in a gym, but fact is I trained, in the sun to keep the holiday tan topped up!  Then the fun started! 2 parties at the same time. So went to the first, had a good time, had a hamburger and chips! Was great! Then off we went to party #2. They made Potjiekos, and we were really hoping that the potjie will still take a while, but as soon as we arrived it was ready! So we had to eat again! So by the end of that I was stuffed like you won’t believe.
After all the eating, out came the PS3, and it was time for……. take a guess……. SING STAR!  Can you belive it, a bunch of adults, playing SIng Star. I have to say though,…… it was fun! Give it a try sometime.

– Sunday; Went to church, had to be there at 7am, I was playing in the band Sunday Morning. So got up at 6am. It was a very nice service.
Message was about Hope. that we have a very real hope when we trust in God. ( Wil chat about that later)
Sunday lunch and swim with friends.
Sunday Evening Board games with still other friends!

So it was action packed! Big thankyou to all the friends and family that made it so awesome!
Enjoy your week!


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