Game on!

Posted: January 15, 2010 in Sport

Ok sports fans!

As mentioned before, we are going to try out the Ultimate Frisbee game. We are playing tomorrow, 16th January, at the Irene Oval.
We are all new to this so we will all learn together. Also we are not super fit, so we will all lie half dead craving air after 10 minutes, but it will be worth it! And if you read this and you have played before and know the game, please come and help us!
Bring a bottle of water, comfy shoes, blankets, picnic baskets, sunglasses, anything you want just come!

Here is a link to the Oval where we ant to go play.,28.2201&sspn=0.043018,0.084543&ie=UTF8&hq=the+oval+park&hnear=The+Oval+Park&ll=-25.86687,28.221045&spn=0.043018,0.084543&z=14

Hope to see you there!

  1. Schalk says:

    Its a bit confusing… The blog post is on 15 January but you mention tomorrow, 15 January.
    I am not sure about the date!

  2. TheFritz says:

    Oh Sorry, the dat tomorrow is 16th Januare
    We are playing on the Saturday 16th January!
    You are all still welcoome!

  3. Hennie says:

    ek het gedroom oor frisbee gooi en vang en duik en lag en hardloop

  4. TheFritz says:

    Ek ook! Kan nie wag nie. E het hier in die tuin bietjie die Frisbee gegooi, en ek kan net sien hoe freeking awesome daai game gaan wees vanmiddag!!

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