Busy days

Posted: January 19, 2010 in General

It has been one of those day! Time flew by, and its been crazy busy.
I am just grateful, that even though we might get impatient with people, or thing, our God never ever gets impatient. God is always there, always waiting and always watching us.

I know even thought I wasn’t consciously aware of God all day, He was with me! I am so excited to know that where ever I am God is there with me.
i read a few chapters of Judges last night. If you want to go read some of it, and just see how patient God is there. Every time Israel goes off and does there own thing. they start worshiping other Gods, and really just do what ever they feel like, yet every time God comes and sets them up again and forgive them. Then things go well, and they go off again, do whatever they want, then get in trouble with other nations and kings, get kicked down, and once again God comes and sets them back on their feet again.

God really is so awesome. So no matter what happens, or where you are, God is there. He will  pick you up and set you r feet on solid ground again. I just want to really worship Him! Will you just Worship our awesome God with me?

We love you God! You amaze me every day. Your loving kindness endures forever! Amen

Have a great evening!  


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