Weekend Round Up

Posted: January 25, 2010 in Sport

Hi my peeps!

I am only posting the Weekend report now since I had no internet access all day, so here we go?

Saturday morning we played another awesome game of ULTIMATE FRISBEE! Only our second, but it was even better than the first. Thanks to all who joined in the fun! Watch this space for details of our next game!
Saturday afternoon had some lunch with the folks and my brother and his wife.
Saturday late afternoon went to a braai with my girlfriend (Yes I have a girlfriend now and will introduce her soon) . The Braai was with some friends of her cell group, and we played some poker too,. Thank guys it was a great evening!

Sunday Morning:
– Church at House Of My Glory. Great service and I really liked the country music! Great song!
– Lunch with Bernice’s Aunt and uncle. It was delicious.
– sunday evening, played in the band at Doxa Deo Midstream. Really enjoyed it. (For those who don’t know I play bass, and been in Doxa Deo band for about 5 years now)
Sunday night I did something really fun! I built a cupboard, well sort of! Its like giant Lego for adults. You by this cupboard in a box, an d then stink the whole thing together. NO GLUE, NO SCREWS and NO TOOLS needed. Its awesome, really like a 3D puzzle & lego mix. If you ever buy one I’ll come “Build” it!

Awesome weekend again!

Have an absolutely awesome week! God Bless!


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