Weekend round up

Posted: February 1, 2010 in Weekend Highlights

Every Monday I try give a quick recap of the weekend. hope you also had a good one!

– Made dinner with my girlfriend. Pork chop on the braai, some “Roosterkoek” (Ask if you don’t know it) and salad! Delicious!

– Early start 08h00 Frisbee Game. (Was awesome as always)
– Friday nights leftovers made a lovely brunch.
– Played some board games with the my folks the afternoon
– 4pm went to birthday party at Moyo’s

– Went to the China Mart in JHB the morning. I really don’t like that place, but if you need little bits and pieces its very cheap!
– Sunday evening, on Duty with my Bass at Doxa.
– After Church my Sister made us flapjacks! Yummy! Thanks Ann, you are the best.

I pray that God will protect you and bless you this week!

Be cool!
The Fritz


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