Hands up! – Office Life.

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Office Life

We have this thing in the office where if  you put your hand up, you have to make coffee! It started because when we are busy on the phones and someone makes coffee, they ask you by putting their hand up, and you then say yes by putting your hand up aswell!

Well….. this became a game now, so if someone unintentionally stretches or put their hand up for any reason, you quickly raise your hand, and that person then has to make coffee!

I have been caught a lot in the beginning, but now everyone is attentive to it, and we must think of more and more ingenious ways to catch someone with a hand in the air.
Example 1:                                                                                                                                  
Gavin: “Hey Fritz, won’t you just open that blind to get som sun in here? ”
Fritz: “Sure” I said foolishly and reached for the blind, and I fell in the trap!
Fritz: “Hey Gavin, Catch!” and I throw some object.
Gavin reaches to catch, and boom he fell in the trap. -MAKE COFFEE!
Example 3:  (I am particularly proud of this one)
I hung a lollipop in the door frame to my ex-bosses office. He casually walked in, saw the bait, and he took it! As you can imagine we all raised our hands and had a good laugh, and Erick had to make coffee!

Unfortunately  we are getting more and more attentive to these attempts. So I need some suggestions of ways to catch my colleagues.

So PLEASE help me with suggestions??

  1. Martin says:

    Play the YMCA song – wait for them to do the actions -> great success!

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