Busy week

Posted: February 19, 2010 in General

Hey everybody.

Its been a really hectic week, so I have not had much time to update and write anything on my blog the last couple days. Thankfully its weekend now!  I’m looking forward to a good one, and guess what, Its my birthday Sunday!!
Hope you all got me presents, you can send them to my home address. LOL!

Don’t  forget the Ultimate Frisbee game!
Its Awesome, it’s fun and its free! Just bring yourself and a bottle of water, it gets pretty hot!
We play tomorrow morning at the Irene Oval in Centurion. click here for map.
Warm-up from 08h00, the game starts at 08h30.
Everybody is welcome, we really just play for fun and fitness, so if you want to get some exercise and have some fun, please join us!
Clikc this link to see some highlights o how the game is played. (Dont worry we are not this good…..yet)

I hope you have a blessed weekend!!


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