Monday Morning Injury

Posted: March 8, 2010 in General

So the start of my week did not turn out that great! Since my car broke down last week Friday, at work, I have to use my Motor bike to get to work. Which is not to unusual, I do use my bike occasionally to get to work.

Well, today was just that day when someone makes a U-Turn out of traffic right in front of me. I went flying! I  hit the BMW on the right front wheel. As much as I tried to swerve and avoid him, I just couldn’t. I hope it was an impressive flight, because it felt pretty cool, well maybe not really. The flight was cool but the cause of it was not! Praise God I am no to badly hurt, and praise God that I have always been sensible enough to never drive to fast in traffic.
As soon as I landed I was up again, helmet off gloves off, not sure how it all happened. Reflexes I guess.  i realized I only had one show on, so somewhere in mid flight I think I lost a shoe. But when I saw my Left knee, I decided let me rather just go lie down on the grass. It looked very green and soft, and cool from the morning dew.

Injuries: (In order of severity from high to low)
– Left knee is pretty sore with massive laceration across the knee cap. They are going to clean and check it in theater later.
– Right foot, from little toe down toward my ankle,, VERY sore, but no fractures. Cant really step on it, i tried! OUCH.
– My BUTT! Man my Butt hurts. Because i did full rotation off the bike, and landed on my back/butt.
– Left thumb pretty sore and sprained.
-Left middle finger stiff ans sore.
– Minor cuts on my lower back and left ankle.

I am just thankful its not any worse.All praise to God for keeping me out of serious danger.
I’ll keep you all updated! Thanks or the prayers!

P.S my motorbike days are over. This is good enough wakeup call!  

  1. Bernice says:

    Amen en ek gaan jou hou by jou woord mnr Grobler!!!!!!!!

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