How do we react?

Posted: April 29, 2010 in General, Todays Bible Reading

I have been thinking lately about how we react in situations. Do you get irritated, frustrated or impatient very quickly?
Often we do, I know I do!

We must start living the Kingdom of heaven here on earth. How do we do that? We must act and react to situations with love!
No its sounds very easy saying act in love, but then go read 1 Corinthians 13, about love! Just take, the first thing that love is for now. Love is Patient!
The Amplified says Love endures long and is patient. So not only must you endure, you must endure (which already must be a while) and then ALSO must be patient! Are you always patient?

We cannot act like the world does! By this I’m not talking about things you usually think of when referring to the world. I’m not talking about drinking, doing drugs and all that stuff. I’m talking about how you react if your food in a restaurant is not right, or takes a little too long to arrive. How do you react? Are you patient, or do you go off and shout at the waiter like all the other people in the world does?

We are different! We have Christ in us, and his love lives in us!
Romans 12 says: Do not be conformed to this world! (if you are impatient, you are conforming)
If you act differently, then people will remember! If you act like everyone else, no one will remember!

I want to be remembered for being different, for being patient, being kind, unselfish! Thats the only way the world will know we are Jesus’s  disciples! By our love for each other, and for all people. For Jesus himself even said, Love you enemies! Matt 5:43 – 44

  1. Hennie says:

    Im always being tested at restaurants, my food will ALWAYS be the last to arrive. then again, Im great-full that Jesus is a part of my live.

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