Ultimate Frisbee

Posted: May 21, 2010 in General, Sport

Have you heard of ultimate Frisbee?

1) If not
then ” I really feel sorry for you! Its just the best game ever!” but =then, now that you have heard of it, the next step is to come and play         with us! We play every Saturday Morning. see details below!

2) If you have heard of it,
AND have not played with us,
THEN please join us! Everyone is welcome!                                              

3) If you have played with us before
THEN do come again, don’t miss another game!
If you don’t do any of the above three this is what will happen.

You will miss out on….
– Good fun
– Good  friends
– Good times
– Good exercise
– And a Lot of Awesomeness!

You have nothing to loose, everything to gain and its going to be great, so see you tomorrow Morning
Click here to join our Facebook  page!
When: Saturday 22nd May 2010
Where: Irene Oval– Click here for map
Time: 08h00 – Warm-up, 08h30 Game Start. Be sure to join us from 8am, for fun drills to improve your skills)


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