2010 World Cup – The movie!

Posted: June 22, 2010 in General, Sport

I know that the odds are totally against our Soccer boys to get through, but think about it, this will make the perfect movie!
They made a movie about the 1995 Rugby world cup, so why not this!

Just think, the underdog team, ranked lower that anyone else! First game was a draw, second game a bad loss! Then “Eye of the tiger “starts playing, and the boys train hard on the training ground, running up and down the stairs punching the air! Sit-ups, push ups and pep talks from the coach! (You can see it already I know!)
Then game day! Dramatic first half with only 1 goal! They still need 4! Second half they score two, but Steven Pienaar gets tackled badly and is injured! They need two more goals and there is only 10 minutes left. Bafana gets penalty in the last two minutes and Siphiwe Tshabalala puts it in the back of the net, but Bafana needs one more goal! One monute left, The french keep the ball and Bafana can’t get it back. 2 minutes of added time. They are tired and the clock is ticking. 1 minute left…… 30 seconds, Matthew Booth makes the steal, Tshabalala makes the run, Booth boots the ball upfield, 20 seconds left, It falls to Tshabalala’s feet, he gets controll, to the left side! Into the 18yard box! Franck Ribery slides in but doesn’t get the Ball, just the keeper left, a tight angle, he shoots he SCORES! LADUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMA!!!  Bafana scores! The game is over! 5 – 0! they make it!!

Oh shucks my coffee is cold now! Got to go! Enjoy the day and the game! GO BAFANA!


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