Movie Review – “Liefling”

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Movie Review

So I went to watch “Liefling”……. Its an Afrikaans Musical……… great!

Well I thought I would give my opinion of it here, and just might help you decide to watch it or not.

Let me start with something positive!
– its not common slapstick afrikaans movie like “Poena is Koning”
– Its clean, no dirty jokes, scenes or references.
– There actually was 2 songs in the movie I did like.
1) “Foshaar nooi” by Jakkie Louw and Kevin Leo. click here to see it
2)  “Spieeltjie” by Bobby van Jaarsveld. click here to see

My opinion is that you must REALLY like Afrikaans music to get some enjoyment out of it.

This must sound SO bad, but I felt embarrassed being Afrikaans in some scenes in the movie, and I am not joking.
Its really not very well made. The acting is not terrible, but definately lacking. The narritive is not great, the characters seem very shallow as they don’t really get time to reveal themselves in the movie, and you can’t get to know them. There are just too many songs, and sometimes they follow each other so quickly, and the story just don’t get time to really develop and catch your attention. I was not drawn into the movie and could not live myself into it. In my opinion some of the songs also just do not really fit into the story that well.

One of my biggest problems in the movie is that it seems that they try to be like Mama Mia. The story is totally different, but some scenes just seem to be too much like scenes from Mama Mia. Now I won’t know if that was intentional or just by chance, but it bothered me!

The choreography in the movie also just seems very amateurish to me. I’m no expert in choreography but I have definitely seen much better. It just does not inspire you or make you feel good or go WOW! If you know what I mean?

Then one Huge thing that bothered me was the Geography in the movie. (this is probably just me) The story happens around Hartebeespoort dam and i know a little about the area.
Let me explain: The end of the movie the girls is looking for the boy, and the mom says he is at the train bridge. Well, then she drops her bag and runs. According to the movie the house is on one side of the dam, then when the girl is running she is all of a sudden running across the dam wall, which is on the opposite side of where the house is, and then the next scene she is at the train bridge which again is at opposite side of the dam wall. I know because I have jumped of  that bridge into the dam, plus you can see the dam wall far in the background on the other side.
She must have run like  50km do do that trip!  Really, there is a road race around the dam which is 50km! (Called Om die Dam)

Right I am very negative here, but it is a good attempt and I think very good for South African film industry.

However I would NERVER want to watch it again!
I had my dose of afrikaans music for a year.
Only go watch it if you like the old Afrikaans songs or if you really don’t have anything else to watch.

Let me know what you think if you have seen it.

P.S. I really enjoyed the sub-titles, to see how they translate the Afrikaans songs to English. Very entertaining actually!

  1. Rudy says:

    I finally saw this sad attempt at a Musical last night. To be clear : NOT because I chose to, but my sister arrived for a visit with the DVD. By far the most disappointing Afrikaans movie I have ever seen ( granted, I have never seen Poena is Koning ). The chorus pieces sounded like a Requiem for low voice. There was no energy, no excitement. The characters remained shallow, deeply boring and unattractive. Apart from a few ( 3 to be exact ) good performances, the acting was atrocious, and uninspiring.

    If you chose such a well known holiday site for a film location, you should at least try to be realistic. The Meerhof Train bridge and Dam wall scene is just one problem. They run from Ifafi to Mount Amanzi to Hartbeespoort and Kosmos, and then back to Meerhof.

    Reallly sad

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