Who do you believe?

Posted: June 30, 2011 in General

Was thinking after the weekend a little about who we really believe? When I ask this question the options are; 1 – Newspapers/ News or 2 – The Bible. Because you know what, you cannot believe in both. Jesus said you cannot serve two masters? Matthew 6:24. So who will you allow to shape and run your life? Will the news of the day influence and shape your life and how you act or what you do, or will the word and promises of God shape your life?

Let me explain my thinking. If the news tells you that petrol price goes up, and Rates go up, do you start worrying and thinking how you are going to make ends meet the next month?
Or you see in the news about murders and hi- jacking, and decide no you wont go out of your house because you are to scared something might happen to you?

Who do you trust then?

Well, I started complaining this morning again when I heard that the electricity rates are going up and water and refuse removal rates, but then I realized something. Am I now trusting the newspapers above the word of God? Yes, that’s what I’m doing then. So who is shaping my life? Is it really God or am I allowing the news of the world to shape what I’m doing and how I am reacting?

Rather let us fill our hearts and minds with the promises of God!! What could be more sure! That is definitely more reliable information than what is in the news! Yes there are things happening in the world, but it does not and CANNOT change any of the promises of God! God’s Kingdom is forever!
Here are some Examples for you to go read!

  1. 1 Timothy 6:17 – GOD PROVIDES!
  2. Psalm 91 – GOD PROTECTS US!
  3. Isaiah 40:31 – GOD GIVES US STRENGTH
  4. Philippians 4:13 – I Can Do ALL THINGS Through Christ!

The promises are endless! So tell me, who are you going to believe? The News or the Word of God, because you can’t believe both?


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